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ICP-IT is the data controller, and we ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the law.

Processing of Personal Data

When we ask you to provide your personal data to us, we inform you about the data we process about you and for what purpose. You receive this information at the time of collecting your personal data.

Use of Personal Data

We use data about you primarily to fulfill the agreements you enter into with us and secondarily to improve our service, ensure quality in our products and services, target marketing, and in our communication with you.

Personal Information

For example, if you submit a job application, we process your application with the purpose of assessing whether we find you suitable for the job you applied for. When you contact ICP-IT, your information will in many cases be disclosed to relevant partners for the purpose of fulfilling the agreements we enter into with you and to optimize our service.

Information about Website Usage

Information about which pages you visit on the website and your IP address is collected in log files and in Google Analytics. The information is used to improve the experience of our website and for technical troubleshooting. The information is deleted regularly when it no longer serves the original purpose of processing or loses its relevance.

Data Relevance and Necessity

We only process data about you that is relevant and sufficient for the purposes defined above. The same applies to the scope of the personal data we use. For example, we do not use more data than necessary for the specific purpose.

Deletion of Personal Data

We delete your personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purpose that was the reason for our collection, processing, and storage of your data.

Consent for Data Processing

We obtain your consent before processing your personal data for the purposes described above unless we have a legal basis for collecting them. We inform you about such a basis and about our legitimate interest in processing your personal data.

Data Disclosure

We do not disclose your personal data without your consent unless we are legally obligated to do so.


We protect your personal data and have internal rules on information security.

Your Rights

You have the right to access your personal data, have inaccurate data corrected or deleted, and object to our processing of your personal data.


You have the right to lodge a complaint directly with ICP-IT. Your complaint can be sent by email to You can also complain to the local supervisory authority about our processing of your personal information.

Cookie Policy

Cookies, Purpose, and Relevance

When we place cookies, you are informed about the use and purpose of collecting data via cookies.

Cookie Placement

We place cookies on your device to optimize site functions, increase user-friendliness, improve the site in general, and target marketing activities.


When you visit, your visit is shared with Google for statistical analysis and improvement of our website.


When you visit, your visit is shared with Facebook for statistical analysis and improvement of our website.

Consent for Cookie Placement

Before placing cookies on your device, we ask for your consent. Necessary cookies for securing statistics, functionality, and settings can, however, be used without your consent.

Duration of Cookie Storage

Cookies delete themselves after a certain number of months (may vary), but they are renewed after each visit.